About Us

Welcome to our world of artisanal craftsmanship at our Blown Glass Business, a testament to our love for intricate, handmade artistry. Our journey began 18 years ago, sparked by a fascination with the stunning seasonal glass artwork that caught our eye during Christmas. This admiration stirred our creative spirits, leading us to establish our very own shop where we could express our unique designs through mouth-blown glass creations.

We cater to a discerning clientele who appreciate the charm of one-of-a-kind, handmade items, each encapsulating the skill of our talented craftsmen. We are proud to offer our customers a blend of style, beauty, and affordability, the trifecta that defines our product line.

Our business model centers around the art of handcrafting. Each of our products is a labor of love, born from blown glass and meticulously hand-painted, ensuring an individual character and uniqueness. We pour our passion into each step of the process, from conceptual design to choosing the highest quality glass and colors, to meticulous packing and shipping.

What sets us apart is the heart and soul we infuse into our work. Our designs are entirely our own, handmade from start to finish, embodying our unique vision. This dedication and love for our craft reflect in our work, garnering us stellar reviews and repeat customers, the true testament of our success.

Our legacy stretches over two decades, with 22 years in the handcrafted business and 18 remarkable years focusing on blown glass artwork. These years have been a journey of continual growth, refinement, and an unwavering commitment to our craft.

Thank you for visiting us and being a part of our journey. We invite you to explore our shop and find a piece of artwork that speaks to you.